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The #1 Leader In Vacuum Home Elevators

3 Models To
Choose From

Are you in need of a small single passenger elevator? Maybe a wider wheelchair accessible lift? PVE home lifts are designed to meet all homeowner needs! Learn more about all 3 models of our residential elevators below:


Tamara Gordon Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

I thoroughly enjoy riding in my PVE elevator as its extremely comfortable… I would unhesitatingly, recommend it to people who are confined to a wheelchair like myself, to me it’s that good and reliable!

Stan Barth Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

My house was built in 1925 and it was hard to get something to fit in with the décor of my home, but the PVE fit in perfectly. I am thrilled with the design, engineering, and reliability of the elevator by

Kim Klotz Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Highly recommend. Working with PVE was such an incredible experience! From our very first meeting they were so professional, time efficient & helpful. Couldn’t be happier. Our elevator is heaven sent. Thank you PVE & team.

Introducing a New type of
Elevator from NewVac.
The Cube Lift!

Cost-Efficient Home Elevators

Remain in the comfort of your home and elevate your standard of living with The NewVac, an innovative 2-Story residential elevator. Combining a cutting-edge design with revolutionary technology, this 2-passenger home elevator is an economical & attractive alternative to stairs. Easy-to-install with minimal construction required, the compact footprint of this residential elevator offers an elegant solution that seamlessly integrates with any home interior.

2-Story Home Elevators

Able to transport 2-passengers or 450 lbs, this residential elevator is the ideal solution for those in need of enhanced mobility to the 2nd level of their single family home.

Quick & Simple Installation

Resting on the existing ground floor, these self-supporting home elevators require minimal modifications to the residence and can be successfully installed in as little as 1-2 Days.

Optimize Space & Comfort

Combining a small footprint with user-friendly design, these residential elevators occupy less space in the home while still able to transport full size luggage, groceries and even walkers between floors.

Space-Saving, Panoramic Design

Incorporating a symmetrical design with 360° degree visibility, The Cube is only 36” x 36” inch exterior dimension ensuring minimal space is occupied in the home.

A beautiful addition to any residence, this home elevator’s panoramic design adds a desirable & modern aesthetic as passengers experience a scenic view when traveling between floors.

Symbol For Mobility & Simplicity

With no pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room, The Cube offers a faster, more flexible installation as the self-supporting home elevator simply rests on the existing ground floor.

With less modifications to the home, limitless possibilities await as this stylish residential elevator can be mounted almost anywhere inside the home.

The Only Square Powered By Air

The only air-driven elevator designed as a square, The NewVac operates using the cleanest elevator technology on the market.

Utilizing Pneumatic Technology® to generate lift, the elevator cabin smoothly moves up and down by air-suction and gravity. For over 20 years, Pneumatic Technology® has revolutionized the way people and goods are transported vertically inside their homes.

Pioneered by the inventors and original manufacturers of the Vacuum Elevator, The NewVac is the latest evolution in this groundbreaking technology.

Built With Precision
Manufactured For A Vision

Engineered using components and materials of the highest craftsmanship, The NewVac is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, each home elevator is pre-assembled and safety tested at our factory prior to shipping ensuring every elevator produced meets the strictest quality & safety standards.

Having our customers always in mind and our engineering capabilities second to none, The NewVac is where technology and design coincide to produce an affordable, energy efficient solution for any 2-Story home.

Plug & Play Operation

Similar to your washer & dryer, this residential elevator is simply plugged into your wall using a dedicated 220 volt power supply.

With no harmful oils, gases, or lubricants required for operation, minimal energy consumption is used during ascent with gravity used for descent ensuring this eco-friendly home elevator has a nominal impact to your annual electrical bill.

Residential Elevator Features

Efficiency and Innovation: Home Elevator Features For Accessible Living


2-Story Installations Being Completed In As Little As 1-2 days

360° Degree Visibility

Square Design Offering Panoramic Views While Traveling

Compact Footprint

Space-Saving Residential Elevator Able To Transport Up To 2-Passengers

Eco-Friendly Technology

Powered By The Most Abundant Resource In The World: AIR!

Affordable Elegance

Attractive & Aesthetically Pleasing Addition To Any Home

Made In U.S.A

U.S.A Manufactured With Every Home Elevator Pre-Assembled & Safety Tested Prior To Shipping

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