The Best

Absolute Safety UL and ASME certified.

Dependable Thousands installed since 2002.

Quick Up at 14 seconds per floor.

Quiet Whisper-quiet with remote power section.

Made in USA Factory - See PVE

Get Up Quick - Quiet Ride - The One & Only Vacuum Elevator

Vacuum home elevators are the best, with easy, clean installation. Elevator stands on ground floor. The power section creates a vacuum above the car – this lifts the car up. Quick, quiet ride.

We assist you to choose location. Installation in 2 - 3 days. The One & Only Vacuum Elevator.

Absolute safety - never get stuck. During a power outage the car goes to the ground floor.

Vacuum home elevators are quick and dependable, with no maintenance for many years.

Tax-deductible with Rx - ask your CPA. Homeowners 65+ want to stay in their home.