One & Only Vacuum Elevator
Get Up Quick - Quiet Ride

Vacuum home elevators are the best. Easy, clean 2 day installation to balcony landing or through ceiling. Elevator stands on ground floor.

The power section creates a vacuum above the car. You go up smoothly at just 14 seconds per floor. Quick, quiet ride.

Width - 2 Floor Prices (2 to 5 floors)
30" 1 Person $18,200.
37" 2 Person $21,200.
52" 3 Person $30,550.
Plus shipping, technical services and installation.

NewVac will measure your home after you visit one of our Showrooms. You then receive a detailed emailed proposal. Montecito to Greater L.A. to Laguna Beach.

We assist you to choose location. We measure. We design. We install. You relax.

Absolute safety - never get stuck. If a power outage occurs the car goes to ground floor, door unlocks.

PVE vacuum elevators are built to last with no maintenance for many years.

Tax-deductible with Rx - ask your CPA. Homeowners 65+ want to stay in their home. But if you move you can take it with you

For all 2 to 5 floor homes, townhouses and condos. Bank financing, 10 years interest only, then P&I. Pre-pay OK.

The Best

Secure UL and ASME certified.
Reliable Thousands operating since 2002.
Quick Up at 14 seconds per floor.
Quiet Whisper-quiet remote power.

Made in USA by PVE.
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