The Best

Safe Certified for ASME national safety code.

Dependable Thousands installed since 2002.

Quick Up at 14 seconds per floor.

Energy Efficient Low power going up, zero power going down.

Economical No maintenance for years.

Made in USA Factory - See PVE

Get Up Quick - Smooth Ride - Stay In Your Home

Vacuum home elevators are the best, with easy, clean installation and lowest cost. Elevator stands on ground floor. The control unit on top creates a vacuum above the car – this lifts the car up. Quick, smooth ride.

We assist you to choose location - up to landing or through floor. Installation in 2 days by our factory-trained technicians. Elevator is plugged in. Full factory warranty. For homes with 2 floors to 5 floors.

Absolute safety - never get stuck. If a power outage occurs while going up or down, the car slowly goes to the ground floor.

Vacuum home elevators are quick and dependable, with no maintenance for many years. Enjoy the 360° view.

Tax-deductible with Rx - ask your CPA. 85 percent of homeowners 65+ want to stay in their home.