Vacuum Elevators - Mid $30Ks Installed

Quick - Quiet - Stay In Your Home

Vacuum home elevators are the best. No shaft, no pit. Elevator stands on ground floor. NewVac is an essential business helping people stay in their homes. We're wearing masks and gloves.

Easy, clean 2 day installation up through ceiling or to landing. You can send car with luggage or laundry upstairs or down to any floor.

The powerhead creates a vacuum above the car. You go up at just 15 seconds per floor.

30" 1 Person - carries 350 lbs.
37" 2 Person - carries 450 lbs.
52" 3 Person - carries 525 lbs.
For all 2 to 5 floor homes, townhouses and condos.

NewVac will measure your home after you visit one of our Showrooms. You then receive a detailed emailed proposal. If you decide to buy you receive a contract for your review.

We assist you to choose location. Delivery in 4 to 6 weeks. NewVac is the most experienced vacuum home elevator distributor.

Absolute safety If a power outage occurs while riding up or down the car slowly goes to the ground floor. Door unlocks.

PVE vacuum elevators are built to last, and require almost no maintenance.

Tax-deductible with Rx - ask your CPA.

The Best

Secure UL and ASME certified.
Reliable Thousands operating since 2002.
Quick Up at 15 seconds per floor.
Quiet Sound-reduced powerhead or Remote powerhead.

Made in USA by PVE.
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