How It Works

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Powerhead, Elevator Sections, Elevator Car 

Powerhead: 11″ high section on top of the elevator has 5 turbine fans, electronics, and computer. Powerhead can be installed in attic, closet or on roof for whisper-quiet operation. 

The turbine fans create a vacuum above the car. You go up at just 14 seconds per floor. No power is used going down. The computer controls car speed up and down.

Elevator Sections: Standard and custom-made sections are assembled for your floor-to-floor height. Sections have four aluminum columns and strong-as-steel polycarbonate panels. Panels are transparent.

Elevator Car: The car is guided by the column rails. The anchoring system locks the car to the rails at each floor for smooth stops. The computer ensures that all elevator doors are closed and locked when the car is in motion.


You can send the car with luggage upstairs or down to any floor.
If a power outage occurs the car goes to ground floor. Door unlocks.                                                        No faulty battery back-up system required.
Requires almost no maintenance. No oils or lubricants. Absolute safety.
No shaft, no pit, no machine room. Elevator stands on ground floor.