How It Works

Home Elevators

Power Section, Elevator, Elevator Car 

Power Section: 11″ high, 30″/37″/52″diameter section on top of elevator houses 5 turbine fans, electronics, and computer.  Quiet ride with power section away from elevator.  

The power section creates a vacuum above the car – this lifts the car up.  Just 15 seconds per floor. Going down, controlled release of the vacuum lowers the car to a smooth stop. Absolute safety.

Elevator: The “tube” has sections, custom-made for your floor heights. Sections have four aluminum columns and strong-as-steel polycarbonate panels. The transparent panels are light gray. Clear panels can be special ordered. The assembled elevator stands on the ground floor. 

Elevator Car: The column rails guide the elevator car up and down. The car has an anchoring system for each floor. This provides precise but smooth stops, and locks the car at each floor. The car is 24V, with LED light, fan, and phone.



residential elevators

  • The only elevator that stands by itself where you want it.
  • Whisper-quiet ride with remote power section.
  • Installs in 2 to 3 days.  Enjoy the 360° view.
  • Low power going up, zero power  going down.
  • Safety during a power outage – car goes to the ground floor.
  • Maintenance-free for many years. No oils or lubricants.
  • No pit, no machine room.
  • 85 percent of homeowners 65+ want to stay in their home.
  • Tax-deductible with Rx – ask your CPA.