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PVE30 – Residential Elevator

Single Passenger Residential Elevator
30″ Inch Exterior Diameter
350 lbs Capacity
As the world’s smallest home elevator, the PVE30 has quickly found its place as the ultimate space-saving solution
for any home. If you are in need of a home lift, but are limited in space, the Single-Passenger Residential
Elevator is the perfect solution for you.

Single ­Passenger Home Elevators

The PVE30 is the smallest home elevator in the world, yet it is just as capable as other residential elevators that are much larger and much more expensive. The PVE30 elevator has a 350lb (159kg) lift capacity and is capable of up to 50 ft. (15m) of rise over as many as five stops.
With a 30 inch outside diameter, these home elevators are small enough to fit in even the most modest-sized home.
If you thought home elevators were out of reach for you because of size constraints, this is the solution you have been looking for.

No Pre-Construction Pit, Hoist Way or Machine Room Required

This home lift was designed as a compact and cost-effective alternative to taking the stairs, and are ideal home elevators for townhouses and other tight areas where traditional residential elevators wouldn’t even be a consideration. As the smallest of the three vacuum elevator models, it only requires a 32-inch finished through floor hole for the elevator cylinder (and you!) to pass through.
Rather than requiring a large elevator shaft, this self-contained home lift rests on the existing ground floor and provides a beautiful panoramic view as you travel from floor to floor within your home
During the ascent or descent, you will enjoy cool, ambient temperatures as a cabin fan circulates the air in the cabin and an LED light keeps the cabin lit.

Eco‐Friendly Home Elevators

All that is needed to power this mighty elevator is 220V, 25 Amp, single phase service. This is roughly the same as what your washer and dryer use.
From an environmental and cost-saving standpoint, the PVE30 draws the least amount of electricity out of all our home lift models.
Just like the other models in our lineup, these residential elevators do not even use electricity to descend. Not only will your life be a lot easier now that you can avoid the stairs, but your electric bill will barely change!

Precision Engineering

Just because it is small doesn’t mean these residential elevators are any less capable or any less quality-made.
It is manufactured from polycarbonate and aluminum, making it one of the best home elevators on the market today.
Place your confidence in our PVE30 residential elevators and you won’t be disappointed.

Home Lift PVE30

Single Passenger Residential Elevator

Home Elevators – PVE30 Standard Features

  • No pit, hoist way, or machine room required
  • 50 ft (15m) Total Rise Max
  • 35 ft/M travelling speed
  • Two to Five Stops
  • External cylinder diameter: 30 inches (750mm)
  • Internal cabin diameter: 20 ½ inches (521mm)
  • Internal cabin height: 6’7” (79 inches/ 2005mm)
  • Entrance way opening: 20 ½ inches (521mm)
  • Through Floor or Balcony Mount Landings
  • Power Supply: 25 AMP 220VAC
  • In-line door openings
  • Aluminum and polycarbonate cylinder structure
  • Automatic interior LED lighting and fan
  • Mechanical emergency safety brake system
  • One year limited manufacturer warranty
  • ASME A17.7 Certified


  • Split-Unit Feature


  • Color Chart
  • Standard Dark Gray
  • Light Gray
  • White
  • Black
  • Taupe
  • Anodized Silver


  • Smart Home Integration
  • Solar Panel Package
  • Homing Feature
  • Remote Control Option
  • Phone
  • Cabin Key Lock
  • Earthquake Brackets


  • Clear Polycarbonate Panels
  • Custom Right Hand Door


  • Door Configurations
  • PVE30 Door Dimensions
  • Door Swing


  • 2 Stop
  • 3 Stop
  • 4 Stop
  • 5 Stop
  • PVE30 Installation Drawings
  • Technical Specs
  • Installation Requirements
  • Electrical Specifications

Space-Saving, Easy to Use Home Elevators with Low Maintenance

This compact vacuum elevator system is the choice of many homeowners because of its small size, but that’s not it’s only advantage. PVE30 residential elevators offer several benefits for homeowners who use a wheelchair to get around or have other mobility issues. There’s the ease of maintaining this compact pneumatic elevator: Because vacuum elevators use air pressure to operate, thus eliminating the need for shafts or machine rooms, they also have fewer moving parts — which means less maintenance. Along with their sleek style, these home elevators are also durable and reliable. And without the need for a traditional elevator shaft, our vacuum elevators also offer better visibility, inside and out. Low maintenance is also among the benefits of owning a space-saving PVE30 residential elevator as compared to traditional shaft-style elevators. However, like all machinery, home elevators require regular inspections and need to be maintained properly to keep them running smoothly.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements For the PVE30 Home Lift?

Our residential home elevators are surprisingly easy to install and maintain. The installation takes 1-3 days, and the impact on your home is minimal. Any maintenance required for these residential elevators is always expedient and minimally invasive to your daily schedule. A manufacturer’s study shows that pneumatic elevators need maintenance once every 5 years, or about 15,000 lifts, to replace the main seal. This is only a minor inconvenience compared to a traditional elevator that requires frequent inspections, annual maintenance, and costly parts that must be routinely replaced.
Low maintenance is just one of the features that make our residential elevators PVE30 perfect for homeowners who have mobility issues, but still demand superior function and minimal hassle from their accessibility equipment.

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Home Lift Manufacturers

PVE currently manufactures three versions of its air driven residential elevators, ranging from single to a three-passenger, wheelchair accessible home lift. All of PVE’s home lift systems are capable of up to a 50 foot (15m) vertical rise over as many as five stops. The unique design of our home elevators is a perfect choice for any retrofit or new construction project and will enhance the value of one’s home without the consuming footprint of traditional residential elevator. These innovative home elevators do not require any pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room and can be installed in as little as two to three days. By using a pump to generate areas of higher and lower atmospheric pressure within the cylinder hoist way, the unit smoothly moves between floors while using much less energy than other home elevators.

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